11 Stunning WordPress Themes For Personal Branding

One of the most exciting things about building a personal brand business online is getting a website. In this post, I'll share with you some truly amazing premium WordPress themes you can use in your website project, and without breaking the bank.

Now, my feelings about having a website for any type of personal brand business is strong. You can learn why here.

When it comes to getting a website though, not everyone can budget so they can afford to hire a freelance web designer or developer to help them create something truly personal for their online brand, and especially when they're just starting out.

If you fit into this category, I fully understand, really I do.

When I started out 8 years ago myself, I was in the same exact position.

In fact, I didn't have the money to invest in a web designer, nor did I have the knowledge, that I have today, to create a website.

These days, creating a website is not really that hard to do anyway, and for the most part, most people can do it themselves. You can do it yourself.

I'm not talking about coding up or programming a website from complete scratch, but actually using a platform like WordPress, getting some reliable web hosting, and using a premium coded theme of some kind.

Did you know that WordPress now powers 30% of all websites on the internet?

Right, so if you're thinking of going down the road of launching a WordPress website for your personal brand business, below are 12 beautifully crafted themes you can use.

I've selected these themes because, in my opinion, they are perfect for creating a personal brand themed website.

In addition, each of the themes below comes with a host of useful features, but most importantly, each theme will also help you to overcome several problems with having a website.

These include -

  1. Website security.
  2. Unlimited or frequent theme updates.
  3. Reliability and performance issues.
  4. Technical support when needed.
  5. Simple theme customization options.

Right, enough waffling on from me, let's take a look at each of the themes below in more detail.

Important note: If you don't yet have a WordPress website, check out this step-by-step tutorial post to learn how to create one yourself.

11 Stunning WordPress Themes For Personal Branding
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1. Infinity Pro Theme for Genesis by StudioPress

infinity pro
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Infinity Pro is a stylish and modern child theme for the Genesis framework software.

Genesis is one of the most popular frameworks for WordPress powering over half a million websites online.

This child theme consists of clean bold design with incredibly attractive typography, it is sure to impress your visitors we think.

So, how can you benefit from using this theme for your website -

  • Mobile responsive design so your website looks great on all mobile devices.
  • WooCommerce ready so you can use this theme in an e-commerce environment to sell your products.
  • Clean optimized code to help improve your search engine rankings.
  • Optimized for performance for blazing fast loading.
  • Auto-updates to keep your theme fresh and up to date.
  • Robust security for peace of mind.

You can take the Infinity Pro child theme for a test drive by hitting the button below.

Visual Theme Builder by Thrive Themes (Coming soon)

thrive theme builder
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There's no better way to design a personal brand website than to create one from complete scratch yourself, right?

You can create something completely unique and have complete control over every aspect of your design.

Now I know what you're thinking -

Wait a minute Fabz, that's impossible without hiring a freelance web designer or learning how to code.

Not entirely correct, because as far as we know, Thrive Themes are working very hard on something that could quite possibly be a game changer for WordPress.

They're working on a drag-and-drop theme builder which we can't wait to start using.

Ambition Theme for Genesis by Appfinite

ambition full
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AppFinite is one of my favorite child theme creators for the Genesis platform.

Ambition is an attractive child theme that is bound to light a fire on your personal brand business, in a good way, of course.

Whether you're selling or promoting, this theme will help to put you and your value proposition in the spotlight.

The Ambition child theme boasts a simple bold responsive layout and features which includes -

  • 7 custom homepage widget locations to choose from.
  • Customizable header and background.
  • Unlimited theme color changer to help you create the perfect website to match your brand.
  • Featured images.
  • Theme options, and more.

You can test drive Ambition child theme below.

Aspire Pro Theme for Genesis by Appfinite

aspire pro
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Aspire Pro is one of my favorite child themes by AppFinite, again that works with the Genesis software.

If you're looking for an incredibly simple child theme that will help make your personal brand stand out from the rest, then this theme could be for you.

Genesis child themes are easy to maintain and basic customizations are a breeze.

So, with this theme, you can do the following -

  • Make use of 15 widget locations.
  • Customize the header and background.
  • Upload a background image.
  • Customizer with unlimited color changer option to match your brand.
  • Mobile responsive design.
  • Portfolio.
  • WooCommerce ready and support.

If you want to put the spotlight on yourself and what you have to offer, then this is the theme you want.

You can take Aspire Pro for a spin by hitting the button below.

Glam Pro Theme for Genesis by Restored316

glam pro
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The Glam Pro child theme for Genesis is an elegantly designed theme with a very unique card-style layout, beautiful typography, and subtle elements.

Your visitors will gasp in awe once they land on your website with this theme.

Here are some of the features include -

  • Theme customizer with color scheme selector.
  • Custom page templates.
  • Widget areas.
  • Mobile responsive design.

We think Glam Pro child theme would be perfect for beauty or fashion bloggers.

Discover more about Glam Pro theme below.

Hello! Pro Theme for Genesis by StudioPress

hello pro
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Yet another Genesis child theme on our list and this one's called Hello! Pro.

Now, if you're planning on creating a personal brand that is both striking and memorable for your users, then the Hello Pro theme could be a great starting point.

Whatever your goal might be, whether it's to grow your email list, or promote your best work and sell your professional services, you can achieve it with this beautiful theme.

Features include -

  • Mobile responsive design with HTML 5 markup.
  • Customizable header.
  • 3 layout options.
  • Featured images, and more.

Check out more details about Hello! Pro theme below.

Laurel Theme (Envato Marketplace)

laurel theme
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If visual content is important in your personal branding or blogging strategy then this theme is just what you need.

Laurel Theme combines a stylish clean card style layout design with elegant typography that will wow your visitors and customers.

The theme boasts a huge list of features which includes -

  • Header layout options.
  • Features area slider.
  • WooCommerce ready.
  • Footer Instagram feed.
  • Custom social widgets.
  • 6-page template layout to choose from.
  • Color customizer and more.

Fernando Author Theme for Genesis by Web Savvy

fernando theme
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OK, so for all you passionate writers, book publishers, and public speakers - If you're looking for a WordPress theme that will help showcase and promote your books and speaking engagements, the Fernando Author theme might just fit the bill.

This child theme boasts a very simple design and mobile responsive layout.

Features include -

  • Related posts.
  • Email list builder.
  • Social media integration.
  • PSD elements, and more.

Click below to discover more about the Fernando Author theme.

Vivid Theme (Envato Marketplace)

vivid theme
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The Vivid theme is a beautifully crafted, multi-purpose theme ideal for showcasing your creative portfolio.

This theme is optimized for performance and will give your business the ultimate edge for sure.

The list of features include the following -

  • 30 pre-designed templates.
  • Fast loading theme using Ajax technology.
  • Optimized code for SEO.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Visual Composer page builder.
  • Premium content slider, and more.

We think this theme would be ideal for vloggers, video editors, freelance photographers, and visual content creators.

Click below to learn more about Vivid Theme.

Author Pro Theme for Genesis by StudioPress

author pro
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Here is another fantastic theme for the awesome Genesis theme framework software.

If you're a published author looking to create a meaningful impact with a great website design that will put the focus on your library of books, then this is the theme for you.

Author Pro child theme combines clean design with great functionality, what you'd expect from a premium Genesis child theme.

Features included are as follows -

  • Mobile responsive design.
  • Genesis Author Pro plugin.
  • eCommerce ready.
  • Theme settings and customizer.
  • Customizable header section.
  • Homepage widget layout, and more.

Click below to demo the Author Pro child theme.

Rachel WordPress Theme for Genesis by 9Seeds

rachel theme
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Last on our list is the Rachel child theme, once again, for the Genesis platform.

Designed by the team over at 9Seeds, this child theme is the perfect solution for budding freelance web designers and developers wanting to show off their work and sell their services online.

While most freelance web designers will probably want to create their own website from scratch, using a ready-made child theme like the Rachel child theme can save a lot of time, and be a great base for a web design project site.

Features include -

  • Four color options
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • HTML5 markup
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Built-in portfolio
  • Resume template
  • Call-to-action widgets
  • Featured post images
  • Tables
  • Pre-styled for Gravity Forms plugin
  • Built-in social icons

Click below to view the Rachel WordPress child theme for Genesis.

Wrapping up

So, there you have it. Hopefully, these themes will keep you busy and help you decide which theme you'd like to use for your personal brand business project.

Personally, I love having complete control over every aspect of my website design.

My current setup is a customized Genesis child theme using the Business Pro theme as the base theme, and a custom built homepage using Thrive Architect.

I would definitely recommend doing your research thoroughly first before settling on a theme design.

Alternatively, and if your budget will allow it, you should consider hiring a freelance web designer to create something completely unique for your personal brand, and something that will help you reach your business goals more effectively.

Best of luck!

Psst! Need help with your WordPress website project? Click here to see how I can help you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products or services that I use in my business and therefore recommend. This means if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase of a product or service, I may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Please also note that clicking on these links means that your activity can be tracked, as affiliate links use cookies.

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