Are You Taking Care Of The Most Valuable Tool In Your Business?

Last Updated on April 5, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Do you know what is the most valuable tool in your business right now? Let me tell you, it's YOU!

We have the tendency to take on more than we can chew, especially as bloggers and entrepreneurs.

We are always busy people when it comes to our businesses, and we're responsible for a lot of things that goes on in it.

In fact, let me share with you a few things YOU are responsible for in your online business right now.

  • Website creation, maintenance, and management.
  • Content creation and management.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • Building a customer base.
  • Communicating with clients and providing a service.
  • Engaging and networking with your audience.
  • Building trust and credibility.
  • Taking care of business administration duties.
  • Reading and responding to emails, text messages, Skype messages etc.
  • Managing your social media activities.
  • Book-keeping.
  • And the list goes on, and on...

And yes, whilst you can invest in more tools, more apps, technologies, and use various resources to help you manage your online business the best you can, the 'one' most critical tool you can't do without, is YOU.

The most valuable business tool you have is YOU.

Yes, YOU! Reading this very post right now.

Your business, website, or blog cannot move forward, or at least in the direction you want it to move into, without YOU and your input.

So now let me ask you something.

What are you doing to ensure that the most valuable tool in your business (You), is functioning at its absolute best?

What are you doing to take care of number one, YOU?

If you're scratching your head thinking hard about how to answer this question, then please stop.

Here's some free advice for ensuring that YOU stay in tip-top shape, focused, motivated, and driven to continue being the best tool you can be, in your business now and in the future.

Let's do this.

5 Ways to take care of yourself so your business doesn't suffer!

#1. Stay fit and healthy

Without a doubt, your health and fitness is the utmost important thing ever, not just in your business but in your life too.

You can only boost your productivity and maximize your output when you're feeling energized, focused, and alert.

So the advice from me is simple.

Get regular exercise and eat healthily. I know this sounds like such a cliche, or generic advice. But it's generic advice that most of us ignore.

I once brushed aside any potential risks of not looking after myself, and I was eating junky snack foods whilst I worked for long hours at my computer.

It soon caught up on me and I burned out.

Not only did I burn out, but my general health, fitness, and wellbeing were in complete disarray.

My vision also became affected from staring at the computer screen for long hours and I started to wear glasses a few years ago.

I started to have back problems. I was getting stressed out at the things I wasn't able to do in my business, mainly because I was always feeling tired and demotivated.

Of course, I had to take action to change my lifestyle, and so I began reading a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

I can't even begin to tell you how my life has been transformed (For the better) by following the advice in Hal's book.

The Miracle Morning teaches you a discipline of waking up each day and practicing a technique called life S.A.V.E.R.S.

If you ever get the chance to read The Miracle Morning, I can guarantee it will change YOU, your mindset, your body, your habits, YOUR LIFE!

#2. Take frequent breaks

If you're sat at a computer staring at the screen all day without taking enough breaks, then stop it.

It's so easy to get engrossed in a project or a task. I know that feeling, and sometimes, yes, you feel like you don't need to take a break. But you do.

When I'm working at my computer I tend to work for 50 minutes solid, then I'll take a 10-minute break.

I do this for every 50 minutes of work that I get done so that my hours of work aren't messed around.

You decide how long you should work for before taking a break, but ensure you're taking them regularly.

#3. Drink more water

Too much caffeine is bad for you. I know, I know, more generic advice.

If you can, cut down on the tea and coffee when working at your computer, unless you want to raise your blood pressure, damage your liver and become more irritable than ever before. (Read this).

Instead, keep your body well hydrated throughout the day with good old H20!

Water doesn't just rehydrate your body, but also your brain. That's so important if you want to stay alert.

#4. Read for knowledge and inspiration

So what book are you reading right now?

Reading books is a wonderful way to not only expand your knowledge as a blogger or entrepreneur, but it's also inspiring and invigorating for your mind.

Many times I've finished reading a good book and I've felt so fired up to take positive action in my business, and in my life too.

By the way, reading The Miracle Morning will do that to you, be warned.

The advice? Read more books, it's simple as that. If you don't have time, make the time.

The Miracle Morning will show you how you can find time to read, even if you're beyond the busiest person on the planet.

If you're stuck for what to read, check out my list of top books for bloggers here. And my list of top books for solopreneurs here.

#5. Sleep properly

You don't need to sleep more to feel alert the next day. You don't need to sleep less because you think you might miss out on something happening. You just need to sleep properly.

The quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity. At least that's what I've found for myself.

Also, I've been obsessed with this amazing App I found called Pillow, you can find it here.

I have it on my Apple Watch and iPhone and it's been so beneficial in helping me get a better night's sleep.

Sleep App
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Final words

Once again, the most valuable business tool you have is YOU, you, you.

Because without you, those tasks you have to do to grow your business I mentioned earlier won't take care of themselves.

Look after number one, that being YOU, and your business will benefit greatly, and so will your life!

Good luck.

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4 comments on “Are You Taking Care Of The Most Valuable Tool In Your Business?”

  1. Hi Fabrizio,

    A clear winner post for me. Nothing is as important as you in the business and by taking care of this important asset of any business, we can get even more better results.

    Walking is truly beneficial. I tend to relax and cut off while walking. I have recently started walking for 10 minutes (I know it is nothing as compared to what I should do) but its a good start I guess. 😉

    Drinking lots of water is important, I tend to forget about drinking water while working so that is on my to do list.

    I am also trying to take regular breaks let's see how this goes on. 🙂


    1. Hi Swadhin, how are you?

      Great to hear you are taking care of yourself. Yes, it's so important to take care of yourself in your business.

      I see it like this. I have to be well enough to run my business, if I'm not, then my business can't grow and profit and I can't support my family. So I truly believe taking care of yourself is really important. As you rightly said, you are an important asset to your business.

      I always make sure I have a couple of bottles of water topped up in the fridge the night before, so as soon as I start to work the following day, I have water available throughout the day.

      Thanks for stopping by once again Swadhin, and sharing your thoughts and your steps to taking care of yourself.

      Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  2. Hey Fabrizio,

    I can attest to this!

    Taking care of you first will result and more creative ideas and strategies to implement when it comes down to it.

    You'll be working at your full potential without getting burnt out as much. I started sleeping more (about 8 hours a night), fasting, and on top of that eating better and doing all of this has helped with giving me more energy.

    I always went to the gym, but even doing this did exhaust me a bit. But you know what they said, getting in shape and maintaining it is 70% of what you eat and if you're not eating well, then you're wasting your time.

    Also taking breaks is crucial. You don't want to "force" your creation. This will result in not producing valuable content which is from my own experience.

    Thanks for the share Fabrizio! Have a good one!

    1. Hey Sherman, great to see you here again mate.

      You know I once thought that all I needed was around 4 or 5 hours sleep a night, man how wrong I was. I've been doing this for the last 5 years until about a year ago. I then started sleeping around 7 to 8 hours per night and I feel so much better for it.

      Also, the quality of sleep is important for the brain I guess to file all the thoughts we've had throughout the day.

      I started the Gym late last year, and I agree, it drains the crap out of me too. I can't wait for Spring to actually officially begin so that I can get out more.

      We can only put in our maximum effort and get the results out of our businesses if we just take simple steps to take care of ourselves, I truly believe that.

      I think I created the best content for my blog when I'm energized, alert and focused, naturally I suppose lol.

      Right on that note, I'm off for an afternoon run as the sun is still shining.

      Have a great weekend Sherman, thanks again for dropping by.


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