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ATF 004: 9 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses [Podcast]

In this post, you'll discover 9 powerful advanced social media marketing strategies to put you and your business ahead of the game. Tune in below to hear the show. As you probably know, the competition on social media is getting bigger and fiercer by the minute. More and more brands go into the world of […]

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ATF 003: Why You Have Zero Excuses For Not Starting Your Online Business

So I finally got around to recording episode 3 for the Above The Fold Podcast. In this episode, I explain why now is the right time to start your online business. Here's the transcript below. Tune in to the episode below the video.  Hey everyone, Fabrizio Van Marciano here from Magnet4Blogging.net, welcome to another […]

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ATF 002: Bloggers, How To Get Yourself Noticed Online By Influencers & Bloggers In Your Industry

Hey everyone, this is a long time coming, I know, but session number 2 of the "Above The Fold" podcast series for bloggers and entrepreneurs is live! Little dance celebration going on in my office right now. So, folks, it took me the best part of 6 hours to create this 20-minute episode, whoa??? A stark reminder […]

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ATF 001: Podcast Launch, Introduction, Formalities, eBook Launch And Taking Action!

Well, it's finally here, the very first episode of my new podcast for bloggers and entrepreneurs "Above The Fold". After weeks of planning, getting things together, learning how to use certain software and setting up the mic, I recorded my first show over the weekend. Tune in below. I can't believe that 18 minutes of […]

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