Blog Conversion Optimization Course (Part 5) - Sales Landing Page Conversion

In Part 5 of the Blog Conversion Course, we're going to talk all about optimizing your sales landing pages. If you're struggling to convert visitors into leads or customers for your sales pages, then this chapter is for you!

Disclaimer: I will assume that you already have a fantastic product ready to sell. Something that everybody wants or needs. The results you get from using the tactics and methods outlined in this chapter will vary.

Check through the list below to see how many of these points apply to the current state of your sales landing pages. Some of these will be repeats of what we've covered in previous chapters, but they need to be included here too:

  1. My sales page loads in 2 seconds flat. (Again, optimum page load speed is extremely critical for boosting conversions. Do you remember the delayed page load statistic I shared with you in Part 2?)
  2. My headline reveals exactly what my visitors will learn from my sales landing page. (Keep it accurate, to the point, and relevant.)
  3. My sales page has a welcome/marketing video embedded above the fold. (See the statistics I share below.)
  4. My sales page copywriting addresses a specific problem and explains how that problem can be solved.
  5. My sales page copywriting is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  6. I am using relevant and interesting images, graphs, screen captures, and various other visual content to make my sales page interesting and engaging. (Remember that visuals can help keep users engaged for longer on your landing pages).
  7. I am using compressed and optimized images on my sale page.
  8. My sales page has testimonials​.
  9. I am using social proof on my sales landing page.
  10. My sales page has a case study attached to it. (Optional, see static below.)
  11. I have removed all other unnecessary distractions. Including header, footer navigational links, native links, outbound links, and ads from my sales page that could impact my conversion goal. (Anything that distracts a visitor away from your call-to-action is a conversion killer.)
  12. My sales page has optimized CTA buttons with customized messages placed inside them. (Want to learn how to create conversion-focused CTA buttons? Check out this video tutorial over on my YouTube channel.)

Quick statistics

  • Your landing page headline presents 80% of the opportunity to improve conversions... (Source)
  • Including a video in a landing page can increase conversions by 86%... (Source)
  • WikiJob shared an interesting case-study where they were able to increase their conversion rate by 34%, simply by adding 3 testimonials to their landing page... (Source)

Downloadable Worksheet: Sales Landing Page Conversion Checklist

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