How To Become A Better Problem-Solving Blogger

Last Updated on December 16, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Want to stand out with your blog? Do you want to become the go-to blogger known for that 'one thing' you're good at? Well, here's how.

Almost every savvy blogger knows that one of the smartest ways to stand out in the blogosphere is to be helpful.

After all, people go to blogs to find help and advice. They turn to blogs for solutions to whatever problems they may have, am I right?

So, how do you become the best problem-solving blogger you can be in your niche?

Or, just the best you can be at helping folks in your blogging community with their problems?

Well, in this post, I'll share with you just four powerful ways.

What does it take to become a 'Go to' blogger?

It takes time to grow and define your audience in blogging. When I say define, I mean as in who your readers are, what they're interested in, what problems they're having, if any. What their needs are, etc.

Anyhow, let's dive in.

#1. Become a specialist in fewer areas

I see plenty of bloggers covering a wide range of subjects and topics on their blogs. There's nothing wrong with that strategy if that's what they really want to do.

That said, when it comes to becoming an authoritative blogger, expert, or specialist even, it's darn well hard to reach that status when you cover a wide range of subjects and topics.

You can't possibly become an expert in everything in your niche. Or you could, but it would take you a hundred years!

Besides, no one likes to be known as the jack of all trades and the master of none, right?

So, I would strongly recommend picking out just two or three areas in your blogging niche where you can really dominate.

What can those areas be? Well, you have to figure that part out for yourself. For me, I'm passionate about a few things in my blogging niche-

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Podcasting
  3. Email list building
  4. eBook marketing

Now, I don't claim to be an expert in any of those areas. But I work darn well hard to learn and share as much as I can about those topics.

Even if you think you're good at so many things in your niche right now, still, just pick two, three, or four areas where you can really shine and become the go-to person for those areas, topics, or subjects.

Also, I think your readers and subscribers will appreciate you a lot more. They'll come to know exactly what they can expect from you and your blog.

Let's take CopyBlogger, for example. I use CopyBlogger because most people understand what they do.

CopyBlogger is the go-to online portal for advice, facts, stats, strategies on everything to do with copywriting.

You wouldn't go to CopyBlogger for advice on using AdWords, PPC, or CRM, though they may well succeed at sharing that kind of info. But readers of CopyBlogger know what to expect when consuming content from the site.

Tip #1 - Become the go-to person for fewer areas in your niche and own it.

#2. Aim to solve one problem for one person at a time!

What do I mean by that exactly?

Let's say you like to create a lot of educational content on your blog; perhaps you like to create tutorial posts, guides, and videos like I do.

In which case, I would recommend that you try and identify what problems your readers or subscribers are experiencing and try to create one piece of content that aims to solve that one single problem.

The more in-tune you are with your readers, the better you'll be at creating relevant, problem-solving content for them.

Also, by addressing your reader's needs and helping them solve their problems, you automatically develop a stronger connection and relationship with them.

Tip #2 - Aim to solve your reader's problems individually.

#3. Don't try to solve everybody's problems

Become a problem solver, but don't try to become a miracle worker. I can't stress the importance of this. Otherwise, people will come to you for literally everything.

When you start providing solutions to individual problems for your readers and subscribers, what often happens is that you'll get some folks contacting you with a host of new problems.

You shouldn't even try to solve everyone's problems, and for the most part, it's impossible to try and do that anyway.

Even if you try to, you run the risk of giving the wrong advice on something you're not knowledgeable about yourself. Or worst, providing the wrong solutions completely.

Not the best tactic, right?

Tip #3 - Solve the problems you can, not every single problem that everyone has.

#4. If you can't provide a solution to a problem, be resourceful instead!

You can't expect to know everything, I don't care how smart, knowledgeable, authoritative you are as a blogger. But Being knowledgeable is good!

However, sometimes, when you cannot provide a solution to one of your reader's problems, the next best thing you can be is resourceful.

Perhaps there's a blog, article, eBook, tool, app, service you can recommend that might be useful. In which case, share it if you can.

Or, perhaps you know of another blogger or company that might be able to help someone out, in this instance, point them in the right direction. This way, everyone wins, and everyone is happy.

Wrapping up

Becoming an authoritative blogger or the go-to leader in your niche doesn't mean going completely out of your way and your comfort zone to please your readers. Just follow these four simple tips, and you'll win every single time, without fail.

The very best of luck.

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6 comments on “How To Become A Better Problem-Solving Blogger”

  1. Very interesting. I am starting to create my own site now and I am really stuck on what to share. Indeed, first, one has to identify the goals of creating one.

    1. Hey Rom, best of luck with the new site and I'm so glad you found this post. Once you start to build your audience, you can start to identify who they are, what they're interested in, and their needs, etc. It takes a bit of time to clearly define who your target audience is. Once again, best of luck.

  2. Really nice/helpful blog post! Not new information, but it was timely for where I am in re-positioning my business in this season. I've gone very broad in the past and beginning the process of narrowing my focus.

    Also, I'm curious... what plugin shows the progress level as someone reads one of your blog posts? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Ramon,

      That's great, good to know it was helpful. Most savvy bloggers will know this kind of stuff anyhow, well, I would like to think they do haha. I created the post and video for those new to the game of blogging, perhaps struggling to find ways to create content speficically for their own audiences.

      The plugin I'm using is called Reading Position Indicator 🙂

  3. This is exactly what Google wants. A quality blog/blogger that can discuss a specific topic in detailed, where it can answers all possible questions of a searcher. Usually, well research articles that are written indepth are the ones that ranks higher in search engines because of its value.

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