What Does The Future Hold For Blogging - Is It A Bright One Or Dull?

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A close friend of mine recently asked for my thoughts on the future of blogging and blogs. It was quite an interesting conversation because up until now, I never really asked myself the question, what if someday blogging or blogs ceased to exist?

Well, if blogging was to go away, it wouldn't be the end of the world as such. And I doubt that blogs will be going away any time soon.

But I did take some time to think about 'the future of blogging' carefully. I even made some notes, and here's what I came up with:

The short answer is that I believe blogging has a strong future ahead. But that future depends on several factors. Well, two major ones anyway.

  1. Technology.
  2. User behavior.

Let me break it down real quick.

The future of blogging: Technology

Let's talk about the technology side, particularly in software.

Tech startups all over the world are always striving to come out with "the latest thing". The latest app, the latest tool, software, and so on. All these 'latest things' are designed to essentially make our lives easier. In this case, when creating and consuming content online.

So far, nothing that I can think of, has been significant enough to impact blogs, or at least, to replace them.

Yes, social media has changed the way we communicate and share content online, but not enough to entirely replace blogs.

Some people, however, claim this to be different and prefer social media to blogs.

But in fact, social media complements blogs in a great way, as you know if you're a blogger.

So, on that thought, I think the future of blogs as a platform, will be around for a very long time. Unless, of course, someone comes up with the next big thing that has the potential to replace blogs altogether. But even so, that could take some time to happen, propagate and everything else.

The future of blogging: User behaviour

Now, technology, of course, affects user behavior. As I mentioned earlier, better-advanced tech is designed to make our lives easier, especially in the software field.

Look at videos and podcasts for example. These aren't new technology, I know, but these mediums have had a profound effect on how we consume and use content online over recent years.

So, our behavior has changed over the years, slightly. Rather than sit down and devote 15 minutes of our time reading a 6,000-word blog post, we're happy to listen to one (podcast) or watch a video tutorial instead (vlog). It requires less effort on our part, we can also do other things at the same time (podcast), and is far more enjoyable in a sense.

The future of blogging is safe?

I think, for the most part, the future of blogs and blogging is perfectly safe. People will always need blogs, and the best part is that we can utilize other powerful mediums and integrate them into our blogs, such as videos, that has the potential to boost conversions by 80%, and podcasts, as well as visual content, such as infographics, etc.

What are your thoughts on the future of blogging? Leave me a comment below or share this post along with your thoughts on social media.

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