Ultimate Website Conversion Rate 
Optimization Tutorial & Checklist

Welcome to the Ultimate Website Conversion Rate Optimization checklist. Watch the video below, scroll through the checklist carefully to make sure your website or your blog, is optimized for BETTER conversions.

So you’ve spent endless hours, days, even months crafting and tweaking your website to near perfection.

Your content and copywriting is spot on.​

You have some truly amazing features and options that your visitors are going to love.

Your products are to die for. Your services are affordable. Your sales pages are on cue.

You've even added a few irresistible email subscription offers here and there for your visitors to hopefully sign up to.

You're ready to do business online.​

And now you’ve spent the last six months watching your traffic slowly increase.

It's all good, right?​

But wait!

You soon realise you have a major problem on your hands.

Despite having a great website design with lots of cool features, options and various offers.

And despite getting lots of great traffic, you can’t seem to get a single soul who visits your website to either subscribe to your email list, or to even buy into your products and services.

You continue tweaking your website, adding more options, more features, uploading more plugins. You even go as far as changing your design completely.

And still, your conversions suck!​

No email signups...
No product sales...
No affiliate referral sales...
And no one using your services...

You’re at a loss.

What the heck is going on???

Assuming your website content or copywriting doesn't suck.

Assuming you know what you want your website to convert for.​

And assuming you're actually targeting the right audience in the first place.

Design and layout is actually just the start of optimizing your website for better conversions.

It's time to STOP screwing around with your website or your blog.

Below is a list of things you can do right now to help your website convert more of it’s visitors into raving fans and yes, even into paying customers.

Are you ready??

Let’s dive right in.

1. Website Performance

Let's start with what is probably the most important conversion optimization tweak on this list.

A slow website is a conversion killer, right off the bat.

No visitor in their right mind will wait for your website or pages to load. So make sure your website or your blog loads at blazing, lightening speeds.

  • My website loads in less than 2 seconds flat. Click here to check page speed.
  • My website performance grade score is 80+. Click here to check performance grade.

Here are some things you can do to improve your website page load speed.

  • Use Google Friendly web fonts.
  • Optimize and compress images before adding them to your website. You can use something like TinyPNG to do this.
  • Compress resources. Check out the Autoptimize Plugin if you're using WordPress.
  • Use a reliable web host. (See below)
  • Consider using a CDN like MaxCDN (Content Delivery Network).

2. Website Logistics (WordPress)

  • ​My website is hosted using a reliable web host provider like SiteGround.
  • My website is built on the latest version of WordPress.
  • My website uses a frequently updated premium quality WordPress theme like Genesis or Thrive.
  • My website has less than 20 plugins installed and activated.
  • I have disabled and removed the plugins I don't use on my website.
  • My website does not have any expired codes or scripts loading in the header section that might affect page load time.

3. Homepage Conversion Optimization

  • My website uses a custom static homepage.
  • My homepage is used to display my latest blog posts only.

If your website is using a custom static homepage then that's a good start. Now check below for more homepage conversion optimization tips.

If your website does not have a custom homepage, consider creating one. This post and video will teach you how to build one like the one above.​

  • My marketing message is clear and simple to understand about my website/products/services.
  • My homepage has an optimized CTA button placed above the fold.
  • My offerings are clearly visible on my homepage.
  • My homepage is displaying some testimonials. Check out this post about how Morio Forlio uses testimonials to grow her business.
  • My homepage shows some social proof.
  • My homepage navigational menu is clean, simple and minimal.
  • My homepage copywriting is helpful and useful, and does not self-promote too much.
  • My homepage copywriting is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • My homepage is optimized for search engines (SEO).

4. Sales Landing Page Conversion Optimization

  • My sales page loads in 2 seconds flat.
  • My sales page has a welcome/marketing video embedded above the fold. Including a video in a landing page can boost your conversion by 80%.
  • My sales page copywriting talks about a specific problem, and how that problem can be solved.
  • My sales page copywriting is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • I am using relevant images and graphs in my sales page.
  • My sales page has testimonials. Check out this awesome plugin to help manage your testimonials.
  • I am using social proof in my sales landing page.
  •  My sales page has a case study attached to it.
  • There are no other design features, elements, links on my sales page that could affect my conversion goal. Check out this Free Rapid Landing Page video Course.
  • My sales page has attractive, powerful CTA buttons with custom text inside them. Click here to learn how to create high-converting buttons.

5. Email Opt-In Landing Page Conversion Tips

  • My email opt-in page loads in 2 seconds flat.
  • My email opt-in page has a powerful headline title and description.
  • My email opt-in page has an attractive incentive attached to it.
  • My email opt-in page copywriting is relevant and informative.
  • My email signup page provides information about spam and a link to my website's privacy policy page.
  • There are relevant images in my email landing page.
  • I have removed most other distractions such as ads, banners, external links, navigational menu from my opt-in page that could have a negative effect on my conversions.
  • I have set goals in Google Analytics to track the conversion goal of my email opt-in page.

6. Contact Page

  • My contact page is easy to find on my website.
  • I have a simple to use email submission form in my contact page. I recommend using something like Contact Form 7 plugin with some simple CSS customization.
  • I have provided other ways visitors can contact me, for instance, telephone, Skype etc.
  • I am using simple spam protection in my contact form page, such as reCaptcha.
  • I have created pre-filled custom fields and drop-down options in my contact form to save time.

7. Opt-in/Pop-up Form Optimization Tips

  • I am using the best email opt-in form/list building plugin on the plant. If you're not then click here.
  • I am using simple, clean opt-in/pop-up forms on my website.
  • My pop-up forms does NOT take my new subscribers on a wild goose chase after they've subscribed. They stay on the same page they were on even after filling in the form and pressing submit.
  • My opt-in incentives and freebies are 100% relevant and aligned with my business.
  • My incentive offers are clearly visible in my opt-in and pop-up forms.
  • My CTA button is clear to see with a powerful action message inside it.
  • I am tracking my email signup conversions. 

8. SEO

  • I am using a reliable SEO plugin for my WordPress website. If you're not, then click here.
  • I have optimized my website for my targeted keyword and phrases.
  • I have not over-optimized my content.
  • My website does not have any broken links. If you're using Google Chrome web browser, check out this extension for checking broken links on your website.
  • My website does not have any 404-Error Page Not Found errors. Click here to learn how to fix for 404's.
  • My website /pages/posts are indexable by Google and other search engines.

9. Affiliate Links Conversion Optimization

  • I am using a reliable affiliate links plugin like Pretty Links Pro or Better Links Pro to cloak and track my affiliate links.
  • My affiliate links are valid and not broken.
  • I am linking naturally to products and services I use and recommend.
  • I am linking to products and services relevant and aligned with my business.

Professional Conversion Design And Branding For You

I hope you've enjoyed reading through this website conversion optimization checklist. And more importantly, I hope that you're taking action right now to improve your website to boost subscribers and sales.

If you're a blogger or entrepreneur in need help with conversion design and branding, click the button below to learn more about my custom WordPress design services, and creative marketing services. I'm here to help you reach your online goals with a beautiful, conversion focused website.​

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