How To Build Natural Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website The Lazy Way

Last Updated on January 4, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

If you want to build quality backlinks to your blog, you’ve got to think “natural”. You’ve got to stop chasing your tail with shady link building tactics that don’t work and focus on just one method that can work wonders. Read on to learn more.

When it comes to off-page SEO, building backlinks is still an important part of the website marketing mix, despite what you may have read on countless other blogs and websites that claim link building is dead.

Link building may be dead to some bloggers and marketers, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be gaining some valuable backlinks to your blog, especially if you want to improve your search engine positions and rankings.

There are countless methods to build quality backlinks to your blog. Let’s quickly take a look at some of these methods below –

  1. Do good old fashioned guest blogging. (Still relevant even though some folks think it’s a dead tactic for SEO!)
  2. Curate content.
  3. Repurpose your blog content and turn them into videos, podcasts, presentations, eBooks, etc.
  4. Use Pinterest.
  5. Promote your content on Tumblr.
  6. Do PDF content distribution.
  7. Do blog commenting (Yes, commenting on blogs can still provide a few backlinks to your blog, even in 2019)
  8. Do email outreach (Read this post on QuickSprout to learn more about this)
  9. Write and publish articles on LinkedIn. (Write an article using LinkedIn Publishing)
  10. Write and publish articles on Facebook. (Write and publish useful notes)

Over the years, I’ve pretty much entertained all of the methods mentioned above, some have been more effective than others.

You should certainly give a few of them a try yourself if you’re not already doing so to promote your blog and build some high-quality backlinks.

But… Here’s the other thing:

There is an easier way to building backlinks to your blog without doing any of that stuff above.

Want to know how?

Build them naturally!

Let me explain:

When I launched this blog back in 2013 I realized something very important.

I realized how laborious and time-consuming it was to be doing all those things to build website links.

And, as I continue to build my blog and my business, the time and resources that I have available to do marketing are getting thinner.

Fortunately, there’s one link building strategy that I love doing that’s more powerful than any strategy I’ve ever tried in my 15 years of building online businesses.

I know you’re dying to learn what that strategy is, so here it is!

Create amazing, mesmerizing, competition-crushing, all-out, epic, gold content for your blog!

Yep, that’s all there is to it.

I know, I know, you’re a bit confused, so let me explain.

Blogging is the best natural link building strategy, and here’s why

When I say blogging, I don’t just mean to write some mediocre content and publish it on your blog and be done with it.

Nope, that will NOT work.

I mean “Blogging” with a big FAT capital B – By creating heart-stompingly awesome content. Content that’s going to blow everything else, literally everything, right out of the water.

This is also a real lazy method for building backlinks, by the way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You spend as much of your time focused on creating  ‘THE BEST’ content for your blog. I’m talking about long-form, super resourceful, problem-solving, epic content filled with everything! I.e. images, graphics, videos, screen captures, data and statistics, slides, content upgrades, quotes from industry leaders, user-generated content, more videos, and all the rest of it.
  2. You promote the living crap out of that content once it’s been published for the world to see. I mean, really promote it. Aim for something like 1,000 views in your first week, plus 1,000+ social shares too if possible.

If you do just those two things and nothing else, people in your niche or blog community are going to take notice.

You’ll start to be seen as an authoritative blog writer, an expert, an industry leader.

And once folks get their eyes on your awesome content and see how great it is, they’re going to want to link back to it from their own blog posts and marketing content.

You see, you don’t need to chase backlinks, just let others build those links for you, the natural way!

Does this strategy really work?

Heck yes, it works.

Here are some screenshots of blog posts excerpts I’ve taken from bloggers and influencers that have linked back to some of my blog articles:

Sometimes they are do-follow, although, most of the time they are just no-follow:

Building Natural Backlinks
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Article Linking Back 2
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Link Back From Blog
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How do you create a ‘natural backlink’?

OK, so now that I’ve shared with you my single method for getting natural backlinks pointing to your blog, let me share exactly how to construct an actual natural looking backlink. Because this is very important.

When linking to your blog, articles, pages from external entities, such as a SlideShare presentation, a YouTube video, or PDF eBook, a podcast on SoundCloud perhaps, or even a guest post on another blog, here’s how to do it –

#1. Linking using your domain URL

Create links using your domain URL like this:

  • https://www.yourblogaddress.come

When I’m linking back from an external site I’ll usually use https://…

#2. Linking using anchor text links

I’ll rarely use keyword anchor text links just to stay on the safe side with Google.

Perhaps now and again I’ll shoot for a wide range of long tail keywords, but most of the time I just stick with using some Action words.

For example, I might use some of the following action words –

  • Click here.
  • Visit my blog.
  • Check out my blog.
  • Learn more about me here.
  • Visit my website.
  • Read my blog.
  • Read this post.
  • Check out this post.
  • Click here to read.

#3. Linking using your name or blog title

If you’re doing blog commenting to gain a few worthless backlinks, just make sure you’re using your REAL name to do it.

For example –

  • First name
  • First name Last name
  • Last name

In addition, you might also want to link back using your brand name, here are some examples:

  • Magnet4Blogging Media
  • Magnet 4 Blogging
  • Magnet For Blogging

Types of blog posts that are great for attracting attention and backlinks

Finally, here is a quick list of post types that I’ve found effective for getting attention and backlinks.

  1. Blog interviews.
  2. Link mashup posts (e.g. best content around the web of the week, month etc).
  3. Infographics.
  4. Case study articles, with results
  5. Data-driven posts.
  6. List of resources posts.
  7. Controversial/opinionated posts.
  8. Massive value posts (1,600 words or more articles).

It’s a wrap!

I appreciate that this lazy link building method or idea isn’t for everyone, a lot of people prefer to actively chase and request backlinks still. Whether that still works or not, I don’t know.

Regardless of what method you use, you should always put creating ‘high-quality’ content first priority.

People are not going to want to link to blogs that have mediocre or poor quality content, and that’s a fact.

Right, that’s it from me!

I’d like to end with some additional recommended reading for you, on the subject of building natural backlinks. Please do check out some of these blog post links below, I think you’ll find them all valuable –

Best of luck in your link building quest.

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6 comments on “How To Build Natural Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website The Lazy Way”

  1. Great Article Fabrizio, lots of useful information and I agree with you about the blogging. The hard part about the blogging is when you also need to work on client projects. So there’s a balance that needs to be there and a focus on your time.

    1. Hi Aaron so happy to have you here, thanks for commenting. Couldn’t agree more, being able to organise your time ‘efficiently’ is essential for balancing other tasks. I think people sometimes underestimate just how much there is to do as a blogger / entrepreneur. Have a super weekend Aaron, hope to see you here again soon.

  2. Man, I totally dig in for the slides. I love Slideshares and I think you need to have great designer mindset to create good ones.

    Awesome list and I know I miss out some! So going to kick start them in 2015. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Reginald, yes I love slides to, a little time consuming but worth it, and if you have an artistic bone or two in you, you can create some amazing and ‘stand out’ ones. Have an awesome weekend mate 🙂

  3. Amazing tips there Fabrizio,
    Its always recommended to links to come naturally, instead of buying the wrong one, which never helps the blog to grow apart from just increase in the number of backlinks.
    But, do think still Anchor texts have any weight for ranking the pages?

    1. Hi Navin,

      Glad you enjoyed the post and tips. Buying links is definitely not a great tactic by today’s standard, and best avoided. Yes, I still think anchor texts have weight in ranking factors, however, as long as there’s a balance in link diversification, and they come naturally from industry authority websites and blogs.

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