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What Does The Future Hold For Blogging - Is It A Bright One Or Dull?

A close friend of mine recently asked for my thoughts on the future of blogging and blogs. It was quite an interesting conversation because up until now, I never really asked myself the question, what if someday blogging or blogs ceased to exist? Well, if blogging was to go away, it wouldn't be the end […]

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How To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Up To Date, Fresh, And Relevant

Here are a few quick tips on how to keep your old blog posts fresh and relevant. One of the challenges that come with blogging is making sure you come up with great post topics to write about that your readers will love. Granted, not everything you put out will be greatly received. Some posts […]

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If You Keep Building, They Will Eventually Come, Or Maybe Not?

It's no secret that building a successful and profitable blogging business, or any type of online business, takes time. Wouldn't be great, though, if you could just build something quickly and get the results you wanted, overnight? If you're waiting for me to follow up with - "Well, now you can!" I'm not going to […]

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How To Blog Daily Without Putting Your Readers To Sleep

Here are some quick and dirty tips for writing and publishing a blog post every day, without putting your readers to sleep! Writing and publishing a blog post on a daily basis has many benefits. Even though, it's not something that a lot of bloggers are willing to do. For one, finding the time can […]

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Bluehost WP Pro Hosting Review: Is It Really Worth It?

So, Bluehost recently launched their brand new WP Pro hosting service for WordPress users. What's the big deal about that then? I mean, you can host your WordPress website with a simple Bluehost hosting plan, surely? Yep, you can indeed. Bluehost's shared hosting will allow you to do just that, however, their WP Pro hosting […]

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ClickBank Affiliate Review 2020: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

After almost 10 years of using ClickBank, I thought it was high time that I wrote my own personal review of this 'once' very popular affiliate network. Here's what you need to know about ClickBank in 2020. I'll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. No bull, just pure honesty. I'll also share […]

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7 Best Backlink Checker Tools For Bloggers & Marketers (Free & Premium)

Building a rock solid backlink profile is an important part of your blog's SEO strategy. It's also a great way of improving your blog's authority and to increase organic search engine traffic. Tracking your link building progress and driving results, however, can be a little tricky without the use of some online tool. Well, fear […]

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8 Tips For Finding The Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog

Choosing the perfect domain name for your blog might sound like an easy enough task when starting a blog. However, there are a few critical things you need to keep in mind When I started this blog, I really didn't put much thought into choosing a domain name for it. In fact, was a […]

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