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How To Make $1,000 Per Month From Your Blog

So, you want to learn how to make $1,000 per month from your blog and possibly do it without spending a cr*p load of your hard-earned cash on expensive ads or investing in silly, gimmicky money-making systems that don't actually work? Well, read do on to find out how. In the past, I've been reluctant […]

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Welcome To The New Design For Magnet4Blogging For 2019

Well, here we are! A brand spanking new updated look to Magnet4Blogging for 2019. I hope you like it. It's been a while since the last major iterative design upgrade, almost two and a half years, in fact. A few things have changed as you will no doubt notice, but for the most part, I […]

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What Are The Consequences of Not Updating Your WordPress Website?

If you think that not updating your WordPress website isn't a big deal, including your themes, plugins, scripts, etc. You'd better grab yourself a drink, take five minutes out to read this post. “My website is working fine, so why bother?” “Can’t risk it; it may break my website.” “I am managing too many websites.” […]

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I'm Taking A Long Break From Blogging! See You In September

Hey, it's Fabrizio Van Marciano here, chief of all things at Well, what can I say? It's that time of year again, the Summer is literally just around the corner, though the weather here in the UK is absolutely f**king atrocious at the moment. And that's me putting it politely. Anyhow, the school will […]

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Five Social Warfare Alternative Social Sharing Plugins To Check Out!

Social Warfare by Warfare Plugins has long been one of my favorite social sharing plugins. And, for a while, I loved shouting about how great their plugin was to anyone who asked for my recommendation... ...Heck, I even wrote a complete unbiassed review of SW here. Recently, though, things haven't been going so well for […]

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Bloggers: Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Trying To Make F**king Things Work

In my business, as a web designer, blogger, and marketer I hear so many stories. Stories of success, which can be quite motivating and inspiring. And I also hear stories of failures. Now, hearing about someone else's failure isn't really a bad thing. I always try and show empathy and suggest some solutions that might […]

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Google Core Update June 2019 - My Organic Traffic Dropped 35%, Like A Sack Of Sh*t

Well, well, well. This feels like familiar times, doesn't it? Yes, you read that title right, no need to rub your eyes. The last time I ran a blog that was so badly hit by two of Google's lovely updates was back in 2012 with that Panda and Penguin thing. I never recovered from that […]

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Here's How To Build The Blog You Want

Guys and dolls: Before you commit yourself to write your next big blog post, first ask yourself this - Who the f**k are you actually writing this post for? Are you writing yet another 3,000-word blog post to please Google and other search engines? Are you writing yet another blog post to help you boost […]

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