How To Build Natural Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website The Lazy Way

If you want to build quality backlinks to your blog, you've got to think "natural". You've got to stop chasing your tail with shady link building tactics that don't work and focus on just one method that can work wonders. Read on to learn more. When it comes to off-page SEO, building backlinks is still an […]

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Genesis Theme Framework Review For 2020 - Why Should You Choose Genesis?

Yes, yes, I'm well aware we're still in 2019, but 2020 will soon come around, and I'm updating this post in late September, anyway. As a long-time user of Genesis Framework (since 2010), I feel I've had enough hands-on experience using the software to write a detailed and non-biased review. So, here goes. Let me […]

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Bloggers: How To Price Your eBook - 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Pricing Up Your eBook

Want to sell your eBook but don't quite know what price tag to slap on it? Well, in this post, I'll give you some advice to help you figure out how much to sell your eBook for. Charging $60 or $70 for an eBook sounds pretty absurd, right? And I'm safely guessing is mostly unheard […]

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Easy Social Share Buttons Review 2019: Feature Rich Social Warfare Alternative WordPress Plugin

Way back when I launched this website in 2013, I was using an amazing social sharing plugin called, Easy Social Share Buttons. You may or may not have come across this one before, since these days there so many social sharing plugins available for WordPress. Currently, I'm using a free plugin called Genesis Simple Share […]

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How To Grow Your Facebook Audience in 2019: Dos, Don'ts, Advice, And Tips

In this tutorial, I'll share with you some powerful methods for growing your Facebook audience in 2019. Not only that, but I'll also share some tools that you can use to successfully grow your fanbase on Facebook. Let's get to it! Facebook pages for businesses has changed a lot over the years. If you were […]

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Create High-Converting Landing Pages With Thrive Landing Page Templates

You would think that getting a professional sales or email landing page designed, with your conversion goal in mind would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in design fees, right? Wrong... In fact, a sales landing page like the one shown below actually costs less than a pair of jeans. Live Demo You […]

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How To Promote Your Lead Capture Page And Boost Email Subscribers

Your lead generation page can be a very powerful landing page for growing your email subscribers, however, if you're not marketing it correctly then it's a complete waste of time. In this post, I will share with you 8 incredibly powerful ways to drive traffic to your lead capture page and boost your subscribers. If […]

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How To Make The Ultimate Comeback To Blogging, After Taking A Long Break

In this post, I'll share some tips to help you make the best come back to blogging after taking a break away. Sometimes it's nice to take a break away from blogging. Taking a break can give you time to think about where you are going with your blog. Since I began my blogging venture […]

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