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Make 2018 the most epic year of your blogging career yet!

Why you need the Ultimate Blog Planner!

Your time is extremely valuable, and there's nothing worse than wasting it trying to frantically organize and plan your blogging business.

From scheduling your blog writing, to setting time aside for doing marketing and promotion. From writing and sending emails, to writing guest content. From doing blog commenting, to keeping up your appearances on social media, and everything else in between, as a blogger you're responsible for a lot of things.

"With my Ultimate Blog Planner, you can achieve a clear mind, organize every aspect of your blogging business, save time, stay focused, and ultimately crush your blogging goals"

The Ultimate Blog Planner workbook comes with 27 A4-size printable PDF templates ready for you to use to take your blog to the next ultimate level.

Get instant access to The Ultimate Blog Planner now!

When you buy a copy of the Ultimate Blog Planner Workbook, you get instant downloadable access to all 27 PDF templates. You can print these off, organize them in a cool folder and have access to when ever you want.

What's included in this Blog Planner?

As a passionate blogger, you're accountable for every aspect of running and growing your blogging business. That's why you'll find a template for pretty much every purpose in my Ultimate Blog Planner.

Here is a full run down of the templates, checklists, planner worksheets, and progress trackers that come with the Ultimate Blog Planner PDF workbook.

Blog Information Sheet.  Let's start with the About My Blog page. This is where you can enter information about your blog such as your blog's name, niche type, your blog's purpose, blogging goals, and current statistics about your blog.

Affiliate Information Worksheet.  Next we have a useful worksheet for keeping a record of all the affiliate programs you are signed to. Here you can add a list of the products or services you promote, current commission rate, conversion rate, affiliate manager contact information, etc.

Blog Income And Expenses Worksheet. (Monthly) A simple but extremely useful book-keeping worksheet for keeping tabs on your monthly blog income and expenses. Keeping tabs on your blog's income and expenses is a must if you want to grow your blog into a profitable online business.

Blog Maintenance Checklist. A nifty checklist of the most essential things to do to ensure your blog stays in great shape. The checklist includes basic and advanced weekly and monthly blog maintenance tasks.

Blog Post Creation Checklist. With this worksheet, you'll never miss an important criteria when creating your blog posts. From creating a catchy headline title, to adding images, videos, click-to-tweet boxes, native and external links, resources, and more - it's all included right here.

Blog Post Planner. Got a few ideas for some great blog post topics? Plan it all in the post planner worksheet. Create your headline title, add keyword ideas, add categories and tags, add links to your research content, images, and resources, create a deadline date for your post, and more.

7-Day Blog Post Promotion And Marketing Checklist. Drive all the traffic you want to your latest blog post, plus get more comments and social shares with this simple but useful Blog Post Promotion Checklist and cheatsheet. You'll never forget to promote your latest blog posts to it' fullest potential.

Blog Traffic Growth Goal Tracker. Want to increase traffic to your blog in 2018? Stay on course with your traffic growth goals with this useful worksheet. Track traffic growth for up to 30+ weeks from 0 to 1,100 daily sessions.

Blog Comment Planner. Want to connect with more bloggers and grow your influential audience through blog commenting? Perfect, because Included with the UBP is a great comment planner worksheet for you to use. Record the comment left and response date and time, including the blog URL you left the comment on.

Monthly Blog Editorial Calendar. Organize your blog's content strategy with this useful universal monthly calendar template. Consistency in blogging is key, and this worksheet will help you organize your content publication.

Email Newsletter Planner/Tracker. Create and organise your email marketing newsletters with the email marketing planner and conversion tracker. Record vital information such as date sent, delivery rate, open rate, clicks and conversions.

Blogger/Influencer Email Outreach Planner. Connect with more influencers, find guest bloggers, content marketers, advertisers, and more, with this useful printable influencer email outreach planner template.

Expert Roundup Post Planner (New). Want to create better expert roundup posts for your blog? Stay organized with this minimalist Expert Roundup Planner template.

Guest Blogging Planner. Are you planning to do more guest blogging to increase brand awareness and grow your blog audience in 2018? If so, you can strategize your guest blogging content, goals, topics, and more with the best Guest Blogging Planner worksheet in town!

Monthly Goal Tracker/Planner. What is the ONE thing you want to achieve with your blog this month? Break it down with incremental goals each day, and each week, until you reach your month goal with this simple, motivation-driven tracker/planner!

Monthly Goal Tracker II. Define each goal you want to reach each month, tick the box if you've crushed it, or tick the box if you failed it. Then step back to see the trending pattern. Are you crushing more goals and failing less?

Username And Passwords Logbook. Tired of having to keep changing your usernames and passwords for your email accounts, WordPress site, hosting site, and various other online services because you keep forgetting them? Not anymore, you can keep track of all your usernames and passwords with this useful printable log sheet. Keep in a safe place for quick and easy reference.

SEO Checklist For Blog Post/Page. Never miss a single opportunity to optimize your content for better search engine visibility again! This SEO checklist contains everything you need to make sure you've not forgotten even the smallest detail.

Post Topic Ideas Planner. When ever you get an idea for a great blog post topic, write it down immediately. Not sure where? That's OK, because included in the Ultimate Blog Planner is a useful worksheet for doing just that.

SMART Goal Planner. What ever your goals are for taking your blogging business to the next level this year or the next, plan it properly using the S.M.A.R.T goal planner worksheet. Get Specific about your goals. Make sure they're Measurable. Take Action, be Realistic, and reach your goals in a Timely fashion.

Social Media Timesheet. Love promoting your content on social media? Who doesn't? Does social media drive most of your blog's traffic? Well, now you can record the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, to drive even more traffic.

Blog/Email/Social Stats Tracker. Keep tabs on your blog's traffic growth and stats, email list growth, and social network followers growth with this powerful stats worksheet.

Weekly Blog Planner Template. A useful 7-day worksheet for planning your week of blogging activities and goals. Also has a useful to-do list at the bottom.

Yearly Goal Tracker/Planner. Set your yearly blogging goals and crush them like never before with this useful goal and progress tracker..

Yearly Finance Tracker. Keep a record of all the income and expenses for your blogging business for an entire year. Use this with the Blog Income & Expenses Worksheet. Useful for doing your tax calculations for the end of the year too.

YouTube Video Planner (New). Are you thinking of creating more videos to help you market your blogging business? Awesome! Included is a useful video planner worksheet. Add your video title idea, description, call-to-action, video running time, video tags, and more.

YouTube Subscriber Growth Planner (New). Do you want to grow your YouTube subscribers this year as part of your blog content marketing strategy? Make sure your subscriber count is heading in the right direction with this growth tracker.

Each stunningly crafted template will help you plan, organize your blog like never before, but most importantly, each template will help you to take action in reaching your blogging goals in 2018.

  • Grow your blog traffic
  • Create more amazing content, faster.
  • Do more guest blogging and blog commenting.
  • Be epic on social media.
  • Take your content marketing to new heights.
  • Track your blog income and expenses.

What other bloggers are saying:

A blog planner that helps you track the growth of your blog.

Second guessing where you're going to be with your blogging business in the next 6 or 12 months is not exactly strategic planning. The only way you can move forward is by really planning your success and then taking action. The Ultimate Blog Planner will help so many bloggers do just that.

SAMANTHA VAN MARCIANO  //  Younique Presenter & Beauty Blogger

The Best Time to Start Planning Your Blog is Now!

Don't waste another minute procrastinating. If you're serious about conquering your blogging goals and taking your blogging business to the next ultimate level in 2018. If you're serious about growing your traffic, readership, and generating more income from your blog, then grab a copy of my Ultimate Blog Planner today.


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