The Best Blog Planner Workbook: Time To Build A More Profitable Blog

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Great news folks, I've we've finished updating an all-new version of the Ultimate Pro Blog Planner Workbook, and you're going to love it.

2019 is literally just around the corner, and what better time to start planning your blogging goals and activities for next year, than now?

Moreover, why wait until next year to start taking your blog to the next level? You can start right now with my all-new ultimate and universal blog planner.

Here's what my newly redesigned Ultimate Pro Blog Planner workbook will help you do -

  1. Write more amazing content for your blog.
  2. Create and manage your content ideas.
  3. Manage your guest blogging activities more efficiently.
  4. Market and promote your blog.
  5. Do more blog commenting.
  6. Manage and track your social media activities.
  7. Manage your blog income and expenses.
  8. Manage usernames and passwords.
  9. Track your blog finances.
  10. Keep track of your blog, email and social media stats
  11. Plan your YouTube videos and video marketing strategy
  12. Organize your affiliate accounts and profiles, and more.

The best blog planner you'll ever use

I honestly believe the Ultimate Blog Planner will be the best planner/workbook you'll ever use to stay organized, focused and be more productive and ultimately help you reach your blogging goals next year.

I don't just say this lightly because I want you to go and grab a copy, I say this because I've spent many years building up my own blogging business and many of the templates included this planner I've been using myself.

blog planner 2019
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In fact, I originally created the Ultimate Blog Planner for personal use back in 2015. However, since making it available to buy from my website in 2016, over 500 bloggers have purchased and downloaded it, more importantly, 500 bloggers are putting it to great use.

You're responsible for a lot of things as a blogger!

Once again, all of the templates that I have used to help me become more productive and to become more focused on blogging, I've included in this blog planner workbook.

I am well aware of the challenges that come with running a blogging business and trying to keep on top of everything.

As a blogger, you're responsible for -

  1. Creating content
  2. Moderating and engaging with your commenters
  3. Moderating and managing guest posts
  4. Blog maintenance (WordPress)
  5. Creating email newsletter campaigns
  6. Doing blogger outreach
  7. Carrying out research, marketing, and implementing SEO
  8. Managing and tracking your social media activities
  9. Tracking your analytics and conversion goals
  10. Bookkeeping and accounting, and much more

Bottom line is this:

If you're not an organized blogger, you're going to lose motivation in blogging, it's that simple.

Losing motivation can have a devastating effect.

And another thing:

No one ever got inspired by being disorganized.

So, to help you make the next 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months, the most productive time for you as a blogger, get your copy of my Ultimate Blog Planner Workbook.

Here it is!

blog planner cover sml
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It contains over 27 A4-sized printable templates in PDF format ready for you to use. (Now 30 templates).

Here's a snapshot of what's included inside -

layout arrange5
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How to get your copy of my Ultimate Pro Blog Planner

To get your copy and start taking your blog to the next level, just head over to this page to learn more about each of the template you'll get access to, and purchase them all for just $12.99

You'll get instant access to your downloadable PDF workbook, so that you can start planning the next 'whatever number' of months you want, to be the best and most productive time yet, for you and your blog.

Here to help you.

As always, don't forget that I'm here to help you with your blogging ventures, goals, struggles, progress, and everything in between.

If you'd like to ask me a question, just drop me an email here and I'd be happy to try and help you the best that I can.

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