Boost Your Blog Revenue With These Affiliate Programs For Bloggers [2019 Edition]

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Out of all the blog monetization strategies that I've used over the last 9 years, doing affiliate is still my favorite way to earn passive revenue from blogging.

Seriously, I honestly do not think I could have sustained my business if it wasn't for the small success that I've had with affiliate marketing over the years.

If you follow my blog, you'll probably know that as well as promoting affiliate products, I also provide services and sell an eBook too. But affiliate marketing has been kind of the backbone of my online business.

What do you need to get started with affiliate marketing?

Asides from having plenty of useful and relevant content with reasonably good search engine visibility, the other vital ingredient required to succeed with affiliate marketing is a target audience and lots of blog subscribers and readers that put their trust in you.

We won't be diving into those areas or talk about how to do affiliate marketing in this post, if you need some good advice in those areas, be sure to check out the following posts -

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Finding affiliate programs

Finding the right affiliate programs and networks can be a bit tricky and time-consuming activity. Where do you start even?

Luckily for you, I've got you covered with this post. Well, hopefully, I've got you covered.

Below is a list of 9 amazing affiliate programs and affiliate networks for bloggers for 2019.

And yes, these programs are aimed at bloggers in the blogging, online business, and marketing niche. I use many of these myself to earn an income from my blog, so feel free to sign yourself up to a few of them.

Word of warning before you sign up to any of these affiliate programs: Be sure to respect the terms set out by each affiliate program or network below, and always use smart and none salesy strategies and tactics to promote your affiliate products.

OK, so are you ready? Let's check them out.

#1. Amazon Associates Program

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Amazon's affiliate program was one of the first programs I signed up to when I started doing affiliate marketing 9 years ago.

As you know, Amazon is a pretty big deal and has over 1 million products to choose from, and their affiliate program is easy to sign up to and use. You can earn up to 12% commission on qualifying referral sales.

Payouts are made via check at a minimum of $100 or direct bank transfer at a minimum of $10.

The smartest way to boost your Amazon affiliate revenue, in my experience, is to create useful reviews of all the relevant products you have purchased on Amazon yourself. For example, I would usually review business books, business-related tools, software, computing hardware, and tech stuff that I use every day in my business.

#2. ClickBank

ClickBank Home
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ClickBank is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks in the business and another platform that I started using way back in 2010.

Now, there's an ugly side to ClickBank, unfortunately, and that is the sheer number of low quality, spammy looking, digital products found in its marketplace.

This is not to say ClickBank is bad in any way, however, you just have to be careful on what you choose to purchase, use, and promote. Research carefully first.

Check out this post I recently wrote on how to make monet with ClickBank.

Here are four of the top affiliate programs from products hosted on ClickBank that I would recommend checking out, again if you're in the blogging and online business niche -

  1. SEOPressor Connect - A popular and powerful WordPress SEO plugin offering 50% commission on sales.
  2. Fotor - An online photo editor and graphics web app offering 35% commission on qualifying sales.
  3. ClickBank University - ClickBank's very own affiliate marketing sales training program and tools offering 64% commission per sale.
  4. Affilorama - Rock-solid affiliate marketing training for beginner affiliate marketers offering 49% commission on qualifying referral sales.

#3. CJ Affiliate

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Next on my list is CJ Affiliate, another huge affiliate network with over 900 million monthly customers.

A lot of the big A-list companies will have their affiliate programs set up with CJ. I started using CJ back in 2010 myself but actually struggled to make traction with the platform at first. The minimum payout is $50, however, you can increase this limit should you wish too.

#4. ShareASale

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ShareASale is one of my top favorite affiliate network programs for bloggers. I've used them since 2011 and they are used by plenty of high-end companies all offering their own commission levels.

The minimum payout at ShareASale is $50, however, you can increase this minimum upwards to $1,000.

Here is a list of ShareASale affiliate programs I use and would recommend -

  1. StudioPress - One of the most popular and powerful theme framework for WordPress offering 35% commission per sale.
  2. LongTailPro - A powerful and complete competitive keyword research tool for bloggers and niche marketers offering 30% commission per sale.
  3. WPForms - A beginner friendly drag-and-drop contact form builder plugin for WordPress offering 20% commission per qualified sale.
  4. WPEngine - One of the most popular and secure hosting service providers for WordPress offering 35% commission and upwards per sale.
  5. OptinMonster - A powerful conversion toolkit lead generation opt-in form builder plugin for WordPress, offering 20% commission per sale.

#5. Bluehost

BLuehost Homepage
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Bluehost is a well-established web hosting company that's been around for a very long time. Love them or hate them, they offer good value for money when it comes to launching your first website or blog. Their affiliate program is quite generous too, and you can earn $65 per qualified signup.

Even if you can only manage a few signups per month, that is still a nice additional income to have, don't you think? Bluehost will hold payments for 45 days before making a payment.

#6. SiteGround

SiteGround Homepage
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SiteGround is another popular hosting company amongst bloggers and WordPress users. They are one of the most reliable and secure hosting providers in the business, in fact.

Their affiliate program is simple, the more sales you refer the more you can earn. At a minimum, you can earn $50 per qualified sale.

From my own experience with SiteGround's affiliate program at least 1 in every five successful sales end up being either refunded or voided. SiteGround will hold payments for up to 90 days before making a payment.

#7. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Home
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Now we get to my all-time favorite affiliate programs for bloggers, offered by none other than Thrive Themes.

If you use any of the Thrive Themes products in your business, then you'll know how great their products actually are.

Their affiliate program is one of the best in the business, with high conversions and reliable monthly payments. The minimum payout is $20 and you can earn 50% commission per qualified sale.

Thrive Themes hold payments for 30-days before making a monthly payment.

#8. Template Monster

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Template Monster is an e-commerce website that offers premium quality website templates for sale. The site currently has over 25,000 website templates to choose from, and as you can imagine, they also have a lucrative affiliate program bloggers can sign up to.

Their commission rate is simple, you get 30% for each new sale, and 10% for any additional sales from the same customer. Affiliates also have the opportunity to progressively scale up their commission rate up to 50% per sale.

#9. Envato Marketplace

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Finally, we get to the Envato Marketplace, which is a huge one-stop shop for website owners, web designers, and developers.

Envato offers many extension services and products, and with each one, you have the opportunity to earn a commission on referral sales using their dedicated affiliate program provided through Impact.

Their commission rate is 30% per sale, and their affiliate platform is very easy to use.

That's it, folks!

Well, there you have it, nine affiliate programs and networks for you to sign up to and boost your blog earnings potential.

If you're not using any of these, then get on the case and start signing up to a few of them.

If you are using any of these affiliate programs to monetize your blog, feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and experiences with us in the comment section below.


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